Our mission is to fill your trough with the most nutritious ingredients on the planet and help combat the effects that a generation raised on GMOs & processed food are experiencing; we believe juices & smoothies are the answer! Our drinks are colorful, delicious and bursting with nutrients!

Trough Juice Family

The idea for a juice bar transpired from our family's personal experience with & triumph over the C word - CANCER!  In 2012, our mother was diagnosed with Stage IIIc Colorectal Cancer at the age of 48. While she did pursue conventional treatment, she also adopted a holistic attitude. With a husband & 4 daughters, she knew she needed to become proactive & supplement her treatment.  So she quickly dusted off her dinosaur of a juicer, cut out processed food, sugar, & animal products. Her cancer-ridden colon was cleansed and nourished with cold-pressed organic juice multiple times a day.  On the day of her resection surgery, she arrived in the OR with no sign of live cancer cells nor any trace of the tumor. Her doctors were astounded and offered no explanation; but we knew it was the juice! So, she & her 4 daughters have set out to create a safe haven for her & others struggling with the same or similar issues. We have experienced the miracle of juicing; now we want to share it with you!

Our family loves Trough Juice Bar! The staff is always friendly, and they have delicious breakfast, lunch, fresh organic juices, smoothies, and snacks!
— Elizabeth M.
A touch of Austin or Upper Kirby comes to ...wait...Richmond, TX? Yes, downtown Richmond has been blessed with (truly) healthy smoothies, juices, sandwiches, and other dishes. I’m a regular at this place. My faves are Texas Heat and Nuttin’ Better, Dragon Fruit, Hot Maple Porridge and the Smoked Salmon Panini. Hey, whatever you get you’re gonna love it.
— Vaughn O.
Was feeling under the weather today so grabbed a green pastures juice and super trough bowl. Both were fresh and delicious...just the pick me up I needed. Stop by this charming shop if you are in the area!
— L.P.
Came here for a healthy bite with a friend. Love the atmosphere and the food was as creative as it was delicious! I will be returning here soon!
— Heather S.


107 S. Third St.

Richmond, TX 77469



Tue – Fri 7:30am – 4 pm
Sat 9 am – 3pm

Closed Sundays & Mondays



(281) 762-2483





Robin Rosen



Jorden Maljovec

Co-founder.  When not handling the daily tasks of operating the juice bar, you can find Jorden in the courtroom representing CPS children, helping families with adoption or probating wills. Her and her husband Ben met at Syracuse University in 2005. She played on the softball team and Ben on the football team.  They married in 2013.  Jorden graduated from South Texas College of Law and now has her own practice. She has 2 rescue dogs, Chester and Fancy and just welcomed her first baby girl, Rose. She enjoys eating a plant-based diet, practicing yoga and skiing.

keeley yoga.jpg

Keeley Gill

Manager. Keeley is a certified yoga instructor. She enjoys going to parks with her rescue dog Arie, creating new juice and smoothie recipes and crafting. Keeley is available for personal and group yoga lessons.  Check our Facebook page for yoga classes at the juice bar!


Darci Moore

Manager. Darci is a student at the University of Houston. When not cold-pressing juices, she enjoys dancing, practicing yoga and traveling to hear live music. Darci is a child cancer survivor and is passionate about living a healthy lifestyle - juice and smoothies being a huge part of her diet!


 Abby Cantu

Juiceologist. Abby is a student at the University of Houston. She is an animal lover and passionate about sharing the benefits of clean eating.


Pam Barban

Chef.  Pam is a mother of three and has been with our team from day 1! She is the magic behind our delicious house made soups and catering events.  She enjoys volunteering at the rescue dog shelter, hosting dinner parties and spending time with her family.


Emily Glaze

Baker.  Emily is the secret behind our scrumptious gluten free and vegan baked goods. Emily is a graduate of the Culinary Arts Institute of Houston.  Although she was trained classically to bake with butter, eggs and sugar, she has mastered the techniques of creating gluten free and vegan recipes with minimal to no sugar for us! When not baking, Emily enjoys being mom to her adorable son Joshua and helping brides say yes to the dress!

Libby Boschma

Juiceologist.  Libby refers to herself as a happy hippie. She is a certified yoga instructor and is passionate about finding that inner peace that sparks a light inside of you. For her, its yoga, nourishing food and being of service to Trough Juice Bar customers.